Spokes Alliance is a program designed for carriers to deliver the freedom to operate your business independently, yet have the administrative and financial support of a large fleet.

About Us

Associate Carriers


Spokes Alliance is an extension of Associate Carriers, that has provided the backroom administration and finance for small trucking companies since 1994.

Next Generation


Spokes Alliance is the next generation of a carrier network, that builds strength from numbers. Members are able to leverage group buying power in order to reduce operating costs.



Complete cradle-to-grave information management for the carrier and their clients, drivers, equipment, and third party carriers.




Let Spokes Administration handle all your transaction receivables and payables - from invoicing through to credit and collections. 

  • Provides payment direct to your suppliers
  • Provides the tools for members to operate their sales, quotes, and dispatches online
  • Transaction information is passed on to Spokes administration to finish up invoicing, collection and payments
  • Provides the reports for year end tax filing, fuel tax, compliance, and DOT audit



Cash flow may be the number one issue for carriers. Spokes CashFlow Finance provides the capital to bridge the A/R to A/P gap.

  • Slow payment from clients means your cash flow is restricted, and you may get behind on payments to suppliers
  • When available, borrowing cam be restricted, costly, and doesn't provide additional value for your operation
  • Use your money to invest in more sales and operating capability
  • Spokes CashFlow Finance takes care of credit, collections, bad debts, as well as the time and nuisance of collection calls, invoicing, matching POD's, etc.

Buyers Group


Leverage the buying power of our members buying group to reduce your operating costs, while increasing service levels. Spokes is constantly working the marketplace for better product value:

  • Insurance, Captive Insurance, Re-Insurance/Buy downs
  • Health Benefits
  • Fuel 
  • Equipment Purchasing and Leasing 
  • Tires
  • Maintenance 
  • Emergency Road Service



Using TMS Technology can automate many manual tasks, while providing complete cradle to grave information management for the carrier as well as their clients, drivers, equipment, and third party suppliers.

  • Book loads on the fly, dispatch, update in-transit tracking information, capture POD signature at delivery, etc.
  • Carrier inputs their payable amount which is passed onto Spokes to manage payments (on the carrier's terms)
  • Independent and private internet based system for each member, accessed by computer or mobile phone 24/7, 365.
  • Prepared Reports for in-transit freight as well as historical information
  • Share loads and/or capacity with other carriers you deem worthy



The Spokes Alliance TMS technology takes the manual labor and guess work out of ensuring your business stays compliant.

  • TMS automatically captures compliance information and compiles it into individual reports
  • Insurance Audits
  • DOT
  • Driver physical timing
  • Equipment maintenance timing

Market Access


Being a member of the Spokes Alliance means your company has access to additional freight and capacity, as well as the Spokes brokerage network.

  • Access additional freight from the network
  • Access additional equipment from the membership
  • Additional modes of service via the Spokes network
  • Access to Spokes Brokerage network for loads
  • Create your own brokerage arm with existing Spokes TMS
  • Members have access to highway (FTL & LTL), Intermodal, Dedicated Lanes, Domestic US, Canadian and Mexican markets

Spokes is not a factoring program!

But if you compare the costs...

  • Factoring costs anywhere from 3% to 5% for a 30 - 90 day collection period
  • Bad debts are returned
  • Factoring companies do not allow you to leverage the buying power of being a Spokes member
  • Starting at 3.5%, Spokes Alliance offers much more leverage to reduce your overall costs and increase your revenue growth.